Blasé.  Apathetic.  Impertinent.  Squire.  Death.  Music.  Mosaic.  Multitude.  Squiggles.  Incest.  Antiseptic.  Precision. Octagonal.  Cringe.  Inducing.  Indigestion.

A multitude of insects flooded the space around me: I raised my arms in flowing euphoria, my heart pulsing acceptance and repentance through my veins. The insects were ferocious, devouring me. I became them and fluttered away, my arms now wings beating to the rhythms of the sky. The blue opened before me and the garden disappeared below, becoming a square dot against the green flora of the park–I could look back no longer and I became king, the sun extending a finger to touch my outstretched and sensitive antennae–the meeting making me blush and me, surprised, becoming warm with the joys of freedom and deliverance.

Everyday.  Pertinence.  Barb.  Harp.  Anthropological.  Beat.  Patience.  Cramp.  East.  Emptiness.  Star.  Handle.  Surgical. Chevron.  Excellence.  Statesmen.  Tolling.  Father.  Ethnic.  Severance.


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