But I Am American

social security

Matil A. Jorna was stopped trying to enter the country after a long trip to the Czech Republic.  She was strip searched, and she protested.  To no avail.  The people working at the TSA inappropriately grabbed her at one point, and she recoiled, in shock; her shock was taken as evidence against her, and she had no recourse to complain.  “I don’t like having my vagina rubbed by government officials,” she stated to a reporter, after the event.

Events sometimes get lost in time.  Such was the case with Matil’s.  You will not find her story in the New York Times or the Washington Post.  These are daily occurrences, and we are only made aware of them through statistics about how often people get searched, or how often certain groups of people get searched.   But this was there, at one point.  Gone, now.

This story is lost.  But it is remembered.

This is my tribute.


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