John Trudell – An Identity Crisis As Human Beings


Watch the whole thing; it’s great!  Some of it is wishy-washy, the energy parts (for me), but it’s great!

Echoes of Heidegger: “Earth, Sky, Divinities, Mortals.”

“They have replaced thinking with believing.”  “Our thoughts, our thinks, are a different type of sound.”  -Trudell

“Saying and speaking are not identical whenever something is said.  Saying and speaking are not identical.  One can speak, speak endlessly, and it may all say nothing.  As opposed to that, one can be silent, not speak at all, and in not speaking, say a great deal.”  -Heidegger

“What is most thought-provoking, what gives us to think, is then not anything that we determine, not anything that only we are instituting, only we are proposing.  According to our assertion, what of itself gives us most to think, what is most thought-provoking, is this—that we are still not thinking.”  -Heidegger.


2 Responses to John Trudell – An Identity Crisis As Human Beings

  1. Interesting thoughts. I don’t quite understand. Not smart enough, I guess. Connie

  2. No! You don’t have to be “smart enough” to understand what he’s saying. He is almost just rambling. My connections to Heidegger are actually easier to understand with a little more explanation, I guess. According to Trudell, we “believe” rather than “think”; likewise, thinking is itself a “sound” (in a metaphorical sense). So, sometimes when we aren’t speaking aloud we might be thinking, which is a sound (in a way..), which is part of the world–part of the “vibration energy” which Trudell likes to say. I personally don’t like that phrase.

    But then, he keeps going: what is most interesting to Trudell is that we don’t “see” or “think” about the world; we simply get told what to believe. Thinking and believing are opposites for him, if you watch the clip. So we need human dignity, which needs thinking as a prerequisite for there to be something “human” about us at all! Otherwise we’re blind.

    Am I making sense?


    And best wishes, I will check out what you have too! Always interested.

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