Bill Maher’s Unfortunate Tweets.

This guy speaks like a twelve year old with a blackberry. Where are the spaces, the thoughtfulness? The humor. It hurts. My #santorum tweets are even funnier than this crap.

Which leads me to another question: why are so many tweets written like they were beaten out of an obese man with a large stick, then thrown in the dryer like a cardigan that you forgot will shrink if you dry it–and then, after you get your laundry, you think, oh crap, I’ll have to give that to my girlfriend now that it’s half the size.

Bill Maher is currently the worst of the ones I’ve come across. Everything is “Dju know” or “ur gonna lose ur core voters if u.”

It’s gross, and not funny.


Changes, Changes

So when I first started this blog, I thought it was a way for me to post things that otherwise wouldn’t be posted.  Be that because they were old, forgotten, bad, or just tossed away.  I have decided that that needs to change.  I am going to start publishing newer material simply because reading these writings has made want to start up writing again.  (Not that I ever really stopped.)  In that vein, expect posts soon, some newer; some not as new.

Good day!  Good ladies and gents!

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