Birth Certificate – Oh Shit.

Never expected that one.  Baby boom, after world wars, never expected it.   Oh, Shit

The date really never escaped me either, I didn’t know, I know now.  But I didn’t know I wasn’t a real American.  I didn’t know I wasn’t a real citizen.  I know now.  I think I know now.


Logic and belief

Logic will make a start:
Learn logic and never lose your way
Nor get criss-crossed by unproven, unspoken beliefs.

Learn logic, my friend, my friend.
Thought-machines whirring and then later
High sounding words form,
Fomenting–nobody will understand.

Learn logic and die a little;
Learn more and live a little;
Learn words and only then
Will the mad masses disbelieve what you say.

Disregard them.

You have learned to kill things first:
Parse the parts and learn the whole.

Learn logic: no soul.
Study and dissect.
No soul exists that can’t be dissected into
Parts as innumerable as the stars.

Synapses, brightly burning;
Sociology, a bright building;
Neurons, that’s it. Just it, nothing more.

Nobody needs to learn more;
Contentment is a blessing.

Blessing is the not-knowing of all what the
Present-time says, and, seeing it,
Just using it.

Forget your past.

Here you are.

The Story of our Day Circa 2008/2009

story of our day
story of our day
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