Logic and belief

Logic will make a start:
Learn logic and never lose your way
Nor get criss-crossed by unproven, unspoken beliefs.

Learn logic, my friend, my friend.
Thought-machines whirring and then later
High sounding words form,
Fomenting–nobody will understand.

Learn logic and die a little;
Learn more and live a little;
Learn words and only then
Will the mad masses disbelieve what you say.

Disregard them.

You have learned to kill things first:
Parse the parts and learn the whole.

Learn logic: no soul.
Study and dissect.
No soul exists that can’t be dissected into
Parts as innumerable as the stars.

Synapses, brightly burning;
Sociology, a bright building;
Neurons, that’s it. Just it, nothing more.

Nobody needs to learn more;
Contentment is a blessing.

Blessing is the not-knowing of all what the
Present-time says, and, seeing it,
Just using it.

Forget your past.

Here you are.


grapes and god

I eye the ripped crust of a sour grape,
the delicate shell peeled and ripped and lightly punctured…
and lightly placed on the tip of my finger, where it sits like a glove–

and I think, “This must be how god feels when he looks at the Earth.”




Echoing from every

Chain link fence passed.

Echoing from every brick wall.

Echoing from every passerby.

Echoing and hearing only

What everyone has said already.

Echoing back and hearing only what

Words say, and words will do.

Lost words echo like

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